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Automatic Windmill Tumbler Bird Cat Toys Interactive Squeaking Indoor Interactive Cat Toys (Yellow)

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  • Designed with 360-degree shaking without falling:The bottom of the toy is designed with a circular arc. It is a tumbler toy that can be rotated in 360 degree by cat’s push. The high tenacity fiber cat wand on the top of the toy can bring cats more fun.

  • THE TOY TEMPTATION THAT CAT CAN’T REFUSE: Each kitty has a different personality, some kitties could play toys spontaneously, some beauties need the owner to guide them for playing till they understand how to enjoy it well. Let the cat do more exercise during the chase to prevent obesity. Help cats become healthier.

  • Multiple funny Bird cage design:The top of the toy is designed with a interactive Fan ,The cat can make the toy rotate by flipping the interactive .This kind of multiple cat-teasing parts design will bring more and longer time fun to the cat.

  • HIGH QUALITY AND EASY TO CLEAN: The toy is made of ABS and PP plastic, so there is no need to worry about being scratched or bitten by a cat. Suitable for people and cats of any age, safe for you and cats, and can be used with confidence.

  • REALISTIC BIRD DESIGN: Our cat hunt toy like a real bird is designed to satisfy your cats hunting instinct and to keep it on its paws. The bird toy for cats would make a realistic squeaking bird sound when be touched.